Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hello Andy

Today we are welcoming new intern Andy to the CPC family! He has already introduced himself to Bev (aka 'Genevieve' if you ask Maggie).

The Small Print Show is still up through January 28th, including some new work by (the very popular) Scott Westgard. Stop in and have a look, even if you have already, there is probably something new you haven't seen...

Chicago Printmakers Annex? That's right! The CPC will open a pop-up gallery in the Loop at 208 S. Wabash (right off the Adams stop) coming in February! Also, Deb will be participating in "Pulled, Pressed and Printed", a show which features printmakers across Chicago coinciding with the city's 175th anniversary. More info on these shows coming soon!

Friday, 16 December 2011

More Small Prints and Other Awesomeness!

Attention holiday shoppers: The CPC Small Prints Show is still up with lots of cool prints available, all of which would make amazing holiday gifts! We'll be open all weekend from 12-5p so be sure to stop in (we still have cookies, and new t-shirts designed and printed by Todd Irwin).

In other news: Our all-around-handy-man (also known as Deb's bandmate in Sons of The Never Wrong) Bruce Roper was determined to fix the plate cutter (which he did). Here he is putting the finishing touches on it. (Special thanks to Herb Neides from Clifton Steel for sending us a complementary hunk of steel in the mail, all the way from Cleveland!)

2011 CPC International Print Competition winner Sanya Glisic received her keys to the shop! She's about to embark on a 6-month residency working on both screenprint and relief projects.

Also, our friends at Old Town School of Folk Music sent over an antique metal engraving of their logo from many years ago... Maria was able to clean it up and run it through the press. Very retro!

Coming soon, the CPC will be opening a Pop-Up Gallery in the Loop.. stay tuned for more info on that! In the meantime we'll continue making prints...

Yue Chen working on her plate

Misha Goro works on his series of etchings based on Paris.

A reminder that CPC will be closed from December 19-25, after which the studio will be open during regular gallery hours, Fridays and Saturdays 12-5 and by appointment.
Happy Holidays to all from everyone here at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

New Intern!

Who's that mysterious redhead bringing vegan chocolate avocado cupcakes to the CPC? That's Maggie, our new intern. She's studied photography, likes dragons, and lives with her husband Javier and her French bulldog Laika. Make sure to give her a hearty CPC welcome when you see her around the shop.

This month at CPC

Hey Everybody!
Tell your personal assistants to clear your schedules because there's lots of awesome stuff going on at the CPC this month. First, Ink in the City, our show featuring artwork from the Chicago Printers Guild begins October 1st. Be sure to come out to the official opening on Saturday, October 15, from 5-8pm for demos, workshops, artists, live music, drinks, philosophical discourse, and, as always, cookies.
Also, be sure to check out our FREE STUFF pile in the basement. While cleaning out the shop we happened upon lots of stuff that we don't need and you might want, like Epson Inks, paper, old copper plates, a printer, etc. First come first serve.
And lastly, we have a new sign. Yaaaaay!

Saturday, 25 June 2011


Friends, Chicagoans, CPC members-
Don't forget that tonight is the opening of our latest show! Come see the work of the ten finalists in our annual printmaking competition. The reception runs from 5-8. Come for art, cookies, free booze, witty conversation, and the announcement of our two grand-prize winners!

New Interns (sort of)

CPC is proud to introduce the three new Summer interns!
Jimmy, Joyce, and John

What's up internet? This is Joyce and John, blogging straight from the CPC funhouse mainframe into your laptop, desktop, or handheld wireless device. A little bit about us:

Joyce is originally from the mean streets of Lincoln, Rhode Island, and has one more year of college in Western, NY making inky marks. You can catch her in Chicago this summer on her bike around the Lincoln Square area. Check out her new low key business, fork and spoon press, at, for custom printing.
John is interested in the absurd, appropriation, collage, screenprinting, outdated technology, bad movies, magic, neon, sports, chess, and unironic lowbrowism. Check out to see some of his recent work.
Jimmy is a mystery wrapped in an enigma (and he works Fridays). He and John are both going to be finishing up at the School of the Art Institute next year.

We look forward to seeing you around the shop!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Screenprinting Workshop with Dave Fortune

Today the CPC hosted a special FREE screenprinting workshop led by visiting artist Dave Fortune from the University of the West of England in Bristol, UK. As a lively and entertaining teacher and artist, Dave has a wealth of information on non toxic methods of screenprinting, specifically techniques that reap an unparalleled level of fine detail and sophistication. He demonstrated a bunch of cool stuff: mark-making on his signature textured films, screenprinting on water-slide decal paper, monotype water coloring, and mixing acrylic inks that are adapted from a line of products also used by painters.

One of the more interesting things he brought to the demo was the materials used: a set of System 3 acrylic paints, which he then mixed with acrylic printing medium and glaze medium (also from System 3), which he then used to make screenprints. In this process, the drying time of the acrylic paint is slowed down, which also makes for an easy screen clean up. Also, the breadth of image detail was amazing!

Along with all of these new materials, Dave also brought an incredible portfolio made up of both his work and work of his students, which covered a wide variety of screenprinting techniques (some of which we were convinced were lithographs or drypoints!). It was awesome to see a new perspective on screenprinting inks and techniques - a big thanks to Mr. Fortune for showing CPC visitors and friends a whole new range of possibilities in screenprinting. Most everyone in attendance couldn't wait to stretch some 305 mesh screens and have at it! Also, the "swag" was pretty great - folks went home with freshly-printed tees and prints and the CPC was left with some inks to test out. Those signing up for the summer screen printing class might get to try out the new cool Daler Rowney System 3 inks! (hint, hint...)

For more information on Daler Rowney products, visit their website
Dave Fortune can be e-mailed at

posted by Wyatt

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Scenes from the Studio

It was a full house today- lots of printing, people, and talk of a new CPC printmaking competition, which you can check out HERE. We had mostly etchers in the shop today, who have all been making a lot of new progress. Below are some pictures from today- which happens to be Deborah's birthday!! Happy birthday Deb!


Duffy with new student Amy Lowry!

New silkscreened CPC poster!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Post Blizzard Printing!

While most of us got snowed in for the first few days of the month, we're finally all back in the studio! On Saturday, we saw some cool work being made by Margaret Buchen and others. CPC instructor Alan Lerner worked with private student Paul Newmann in producing his first screen print (see below).

Margaret was making a monotype by painting directly on the mesh of a screen (pictured above), which I had seen a few times before, but not with this much "painterly" detail. The result of this process is similar to a painted image, but slightly removed and flattened- which is what I liked the most about the final product.

Deborah has been working on an etching (pictured below with her fancy headgear from American Science and Surplus!).

In other news, we have a new show in the works called "Fresh off the Press", featuring new work by new CPC artists, opening March 5th. I finished screenprinting posters for the event last night, which you will see around town soon- in 2 colors!

Stay tuned for more info on our next show!

Friday, 14 January 2011

New Intern: Wyatt Grant!

Hey everyone!
Today is my first day as an intern at Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, so I'm writing my very first blog post! It's been a great day meeting people and learning the ropes of the shop.
I'm interning at CPC through the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I'll receive my Undergraduate Fine Arts degree this Spring. While it will be a busy semester, I'm happy to be spending a lot of time helping out at such a great print shop.

Today, Maria and I cleaned and met some new customers, while exploring the ins and outs of where things are. Margaret Buchen, Michelle McCoy and Dennis O'Malley worked on some prints and Deborah and I are doing preparations for her new silkscreen project, which has all been very cool.

I'm mostly a painter and screen printer, but I enjoy all forms of image making. Here's a link to my website: where you can view a lot of my work. I also make music, which you can find here:

While I'm not making art, I enjoy running, making banana bread, and Hulu.

More to come very soon!