Saturday, 11 December 2010

Small Prints, BIG SHOW!!!

Small Prints, BIG SHOW!!!

Last weekend Dec 4 & 5th the CPC held its opening weekend for our 21st Annual Small Prints Show and let me tell you, 'twas a blast!
Even with the snowy weather folks came out to view some of the spectacular art we have hanging on our walls.

All of the work, hung salon-style...

...and we have been selling prints right off the wall... the show keeps changing!

There was delicious food...

...coloring for the kids...

... jewelry by Marla Studio...

candles being blown out on cakes...

and some wild print browsing...

The show continues through the end of January, and we are having extended holiday hours, Tuesday through Sunday from 12-5 pm through December 19, so you still have time to come see us!

Director Deborah Maris Lader and resident artist Catherine Jacobi

Participating artists: Hiroshi Ariyama, Shawn Ballarin, George Bodmer, Liz Born, Corinna Button, Veronica Ceci, Alex Chitty, Jennifer Farrell, Christine Gendre-Bergere, Sanya Glisic, Karinna Gomez, Misha Goro, Dan Grzeca, Susan Hall, Stephen Hazard, Carrie Iverson, Kathleen Judge, Ryan Kapp, Kent Kapplinger, Scott Keifer, Amos Kennedy, Jill Kramer, Carol Lader, Deborah Maris Lader, Kim Laurel, Siu Jane Liu, Ray Maseman, Bert Menco, Robin McCloskey, Michelle McCoy, Ruth Moscovitch, Sarah Nishiura, Duffy O'Connor, Dennis O'Malley, Mary O'Shaughnessy, Artemio Rodriguez, Agustin R. Rojas, Maria Sanchez, Jeff Sippel, Megan Sterling, Elisabeth Sommerville, Michael Thompson, Bruce Thorn, Anatole Upart, Kim Vanderheiden, Charlie Van Gilder, Marla Wallerstein, Scott Westgard, Bradley Widness, Jennifer Yung and others.

Make sure to stop by before the end of the run on January 31st.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Voila! CPC's Paris Show!

Paris came to visit the CPC! We had a fantastical opening for our lovely French artists: Christine Gendre-Bergere, Alecos Fassianos, Philippe Favier, Vittorio Matino, Friedlaender, and Annick Claudé! Their beautiful prints adorned our walls, offering a great variety and a taste of Paris for all to see!

Here are Philippe Favier's "Vertical Embassies", very delicate, simple but refined. The CPC is the only gallery in this entire country with access to this enigmatic artist's work. He was the first contemporary artist in France to be included in the dictionary - imagine that! These photos don't do these prints justice - they are really stunning in person.

Christine Gendre-Bergere's signature prints and Alecos Fassianos' "The Violinist".

Some of Philippe Favier's small prints lined the back hallway of CPC. This is a close-up of "Great Trip to 'Cansanie'".

Another print from Christine's "Filiations" Series: "Simonne (with Henri et Louise) in Biskra"
Christine showing a gallery visitor her "Filiations" book.
During the day, the CPC threw open its doors to reveal etching demonstrations. Croissants and madeleines were consumed, and visitors got to watch Duffy show off his drypoint printing techniques!

Le jour est trés bien. Les gravures c'est manifique! Au revoir!

Save the date:
21st Annual International Small Print Show and Holiday Open House
Saturday and Sunday, December 4-5, 11am - 7pm both days!!!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

CPC Prints Plaster Chicago and Beyond!

The printmakers of CPC have been busy this summer, and their work can be viewed at a whole bunch of shows in and outside of the city. In Batavia, IL, Fermilab, known not only for their particle accelerator, but also for their beautiful spaces for showcasing art and music, is presenting the work of 8 CPC artists. Above and below are some photos Fletcher Hayes took at the opening in July, where you can see the unique setup of the Fermilab Gallery in Wilson Hall.

Jill Zylke with Director Deborah Maris Lader.
Our intrepid photographer Fletcher Hayes with CPC artist Kim Laurel in front of her work.
Hiroshi Ariyama with his daughter in front of his gorgeous screen prints of Chicago cityscapes.

Sons of the Never Wrong performed in Fermilab's Ramsey Auditorium directly after the opening. A few minutes after the guy introducing the band told the audience that cameras were prohibited, Fletcher took this photo.

Meanwhile.....a bit closer to home, in Ukrainian Village....The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art presented:

"Incised, Bitten and Gouged: Anchor Graphics and the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative 20 Years of Printmaking". Some people were concerned about the title, but we are happy to inform you that no one was injured in the making of this exhibition. Special thanks to Stano and Lialia from the Institute, who really mounted a fantastic show. Both David Jones from Anchor Graphics and Deborah Maris Lader from CPC were thrilled with the results. Below you can see the printmakers themselves enjoying themselves among the artwork and guests at the opening.

Printmakers were everywhere! Carol Lader and exhibiting artist Charlie Van Gilder...
Deborah Lader toasts the exhibition with her father...

I see Dennis, and Anatole, and Elise and April, and.....

Anatole with his family in front of his woodcut.
Deborah in front of her etching. Photo cred: Fetcher Hayes!

So, there is still time to see these shows folks - the Fermilab show is up through September 3rd, and the Ukrainian Institute show is up through September 12th. Cool! See ya'll real soon...

Friday, 13 August 2010

CPC at the Lincoln SquareFarmer's Market!

So, yesterday (Thursday August 12), a bunch of us hauled over a cornucopia of shirts, prints and anything else we thought we could possibly sell to the Lincoln Square Farmer's Market. On a very hot and humid afternoon, Deborah, her son Evan and his friend Noah, and CPC interns Jenni and Maria set up a mini version of CPC under the Chamber of Commerce tent in Lincoln Square. After a few trips and a just as many cups of coffee we managed to get everything set up and decorated. Hand screen printed tee shirts festooned the tent, cards were placed on racks, prints were set out, and so forth. You can see our temporary boutique in the pictures below!

As the afternoon rolled by, we sold some shirts and cards to those who braved the heat. We treated ourselves to some of the surrounding produce and ice cream while camping out in our tent. Maria and Jenni brought some of their own stuff too to display, and among these things was Maria's hand-crotcheted bunny that welcomed guests to the tent.

We happily modeled the Lincoln Square Farmer's Market shirts and pins while Deb proudly wore her CPC apron. Mostly though, we wanted to show off our cool sunglasses. We got to see lots of familiar faces plus meet some new people that were interested in CPC. New shirt designs by Evan Silver were also on display along with some of the older prints from the $20 Poster Sale. Below you can see one of Evan's new designs and the Lincoln Farmer's Market shirt.

Special thanks to Noah and Evan for their vocal entertainment and advertising. With good company and some ice cream to go with it (with fresh raspberries on top!), we all survived through the hot weather.

Friday, 16 July 2010

CPC Fieldtrip to Fermi

With their bikes strapped to their cars which were loaded to the gills with artwork, Deb and Megan headed off to Fermilab to deliver the upcoming show. This is in Batavia, Il, not to be confused with Bavaria, which is a state in Germany known for its cream pie. Great adventures were had in six flags's a wonder they made it back after being attacked by oversized mosquitoes (hmmmm) and hopped-up bison and momentarily abducted by space aliens, not to mention their near collision with an enormous tank of liquid nitrogen...Fortunately, no one was hurt due to the spandex.
As the girls were pedaling away, minding their own business, an alien spaceship suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and invisible creatures attempted to suck out whatever cells were left in their solvent-addled printmaker brains. At one point, the aliens made Megan wear one of their special helmets so that they could control her mind and take bits of it back to their planet so that they could replicate the way we so ingeniously grain down litho stones.

Come see the awesome show at Fermilab! Please don't let Megan feel like she gave away her brain for nothing! She will feel much better knowing that all of her hauling and sightseeing efforts led to a good turnout at the opening, and Deb will be happy if you come for the artist reception and stay for her band's performance in the big hall just downstairs. Here's the scoop:
Fermilab Art Gallery, Wilson Hall
July 24 - September 7, 2010

Opening Reception July 24, 5-7pm
Batavia, IL, about 45 miles West from Chicago

Featuring the work of 8 CPC members:

Followed by a special performance by Sons Of The Never Wrong in Ramsey Auditorium at 8pm (also in Wilson Hall). Tickets for the performance are $15, the art opening is free!
Come for this amazing night of art and music!!
More info

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Twenty Summers and Dream Threads

Hi and welcome to the brand new blog website of Chicago Printmakers Collaborative! We are proud to present this site and our new facebook page to our fellow artists and friends. Here at the blog we will be regularly posting the most recent news of CPC, keeping you guys updated on shows and events and what we're doing at the shop!

So the first set of news is our new show that's up: Twenty Summers. We have pieces up in honor of the twenty years that CPC has been around. Come check out hand-selected works by Alan Lerner, John Himmelfarb, Yuji Hiratsuka, Miles Votek, and many more.

And.. the Twenty Summers show is currently featuring the Dream Threads Project! This project showcases all the postcards that have been collected from people all over. Interns Maria Sanchez and Jennifer Yung have set up the new window display with branches that provide a wonderful structure for the postcards. Also extending from the window display is a string of even more postcards, involving the dream thread idea quite literally!

Along the side, our director Deborah Maris Lader has set up larger prints of the Dream Threads with the reoccurring theme of the thread. Great designs by the Dream Threads artists are displayed in all these drawings and are definitely worth taking a look at.

In other news, Maria has revamped our letterpress and Jennifer has been working on new signage for the shop. Several of our artists are also going to have work featured in the coming shows "Collaborative" at the Fermilab Art Gallery and "Incised, Bitten and Gouged" at the Ukrainian Museum of Modern Art. Find out more information about these shows below!

"Incised, Bitten and Gouged: Anchor Graphics and the
Chicago Printmakers Collaborative 20 Years of Printmaking"
Ukrainian Museum of Modern Art
July 30-September 12, 2010

Opening Reception July 30, 6-9pm
2320 West Chicago Avenue

more info

Fermilab Art Gallery, Wilson Hall
July 24 - September 7, 2010

Opening Reception July 24, 5-7pm
Batavia, IL, about 45 miles West from Chicago


Featuring the work of 8 CPC members:

Followed by a special performance by Sons Of The Never Wrong in Ramsey Auditorium at 8pm (also in Wilson Hall). Tickets for the performance are $15, the art opening is free!
Come for this amazing night of art and music!!
More info

Stay tuned for our next update!! =)

(the interns that made the blog and facebook page possible)