Friday, 28 December 2012



Hi all! My name is Chris Blume and I came from a printmaking background hailing from Northern Illinois University. I am excited to meet all of the wonderful printmakers who currently work here at CPC as well as meeting new comers. I have just moved to Chicago but I am not a virgin to a big city.
I work mainly in Lithography yet I can do all other printmaking mediums. So, come on in and say hi!

23rd Annual International Small Print Show

So, because the 23rd Annual International Small Print Show was such a smash hit, we replaced all the sold prints with new ones, and hope you'll continue to come by to view and shop through the month of January.
This show has been freakingly successful - CPC got hits on all the news outlets, including plugs on WFMT and in the Chicago Reader, and high ratings on Then, everyone told their friends to come. Crazy! The artists and interns and staff at CPC are grateful to each of you who came out to see our stuff, even if you only came for the hot cider. Wishing you the best in the new year...see you soon!
opening weekend
(and truly, we are happy to meet when it's convenient for you!)
A few new things just came in, from Paris and Mexico:
Christine GB tools 
Christine Gendre-Bergere, detail of an etching/drypoint of her printmaking tools 

Artemio Nino Marciano   
Artemio Rodriguez, "Nino Marciano", linocut, $70

This just in TODAY!! a woodcut alphabet series by Jesus Y Juan Arriaga Silva.
Printed in Tacambaro, Michoacan. 
You gotta see it. D is for 
Dinosaurios! Q is for Quetzal!

Happy New Year 2013!!!