Saturday, 25 June 2011

New Interns (sort of)

CPC is proud to introduce the three new Summer interns!
Jimmy, Joyce, and John

What's up internet? This is Joyce and John, blogging straight from the CPC funhouse mainframe into your laptop, desktop, or handheld wireless device. A little bit about us:

Joyce is originally from the mean streets of Lincoln, Rhode Island, and has one more year of college in Western, NY making inky marks. You can catch her in Chicago this summer on her bike around the Lincoln Square area. Check out her new low key business, fork and spoon press, at, for custom printing.
John is interested in the absurd, appropriation, collage, screenprinting, outdated technology, bad movies, magic, neon, sports, chess, and unironic lowbrowism. Check out to see some of his recent work.
Jimmy is a mystery wrapped in an enigma (and he works Fridays). He and John are both going to be finishing up at the School of the Art Institute next year.

We look forward to seeing you around the shop!

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