Friday, 16 December 2011

More Small Prints and Other Awesomeness!

Attention holiday shoppers: The CPC Small Prints Show is still up with lots of cool prints available, all of which would make amazing holiday gifts! We'll be open all weekend from 12-5p so be sure to stop in (we still have cookies, and new t-shirts designed and printed by Todd Irwin).

In other news: Our all-around-handy-man (also known as Deb's bandmate in Sons of The Never Wrong) Bruce Roper was determined to fix the plate cutter (which he did). Here he is putting the finishing touches on it. (Special thanks to Herb Neides from Clifton Steel for sending us a complementary hunk of steel in the mail, all the way from Cleveland!)

2011 CPC International Print Competition winner Sanya Glisic received her keys to the shop! She's about to embark on a 6-month residency working on both screenprint and relief projects.

Also, our friends at Old Town School of Folk Music sent over an antique metal engraving of their logo from many years ago... Maria was able to clean it up and run it through the press. Very retro!

Coming soon, the CPC will be opening a Pop-Up Gallery in the Loop.. stay tuned for more info on that! In the meantime we'll continue making prints...

Yue Chen working on her plate

Misha Goro works on his series of etchings based on Paris.

A reminder that CPC will be closed from December 19-25, after which the studio will be open during regular gallery hours, Fridays and Saturdays 12-5 and by appointment.
Happy Holidays to all from everyone here at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative!

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