Saturday, 21 August 2010

CPC Prints Plaster Chicago and Beyond!

The printmakers of CPC have been busy this summer, and their work can be viewed at a whole bunch of shows in and outside of the city. In Batavia, IL, Fermilab, known not only for their particle accelerator, but also for their beautiful spaces for showcasing art and music, is presenting the work of 8 CPC artists. Above and below are some photos Fletcher Hayes took at the opening in July, where you can see the unique setup of the Fermilab Gallery in Wilson Hall.

Jill Zylke with Director Deborah Maris Lader.
Our intrepid photographer Fletcher Hayes with CPC artist Kim Laurel in front of her work.
Hiroshi Ariyama with his daughter in front of his gorgeous screen prints of Chicago cityscapes.

Sons of the Never Wrong performed in Fermilab's Ramsey Auditorium directly after the opening. A few minutes after the guy introducing the band told the audience that cameras were prohibited, Fletcher took this photo.

Meanwhile.....a bit closer to home, in Ukrainian Village....The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art presented:

"Incised, Bitten and Gouged: Anchor Graphics and the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative 20 Years of Printmaking". Some people were concerned about the title, but we are happy to inform you that no one was injured in the making of this exhibition. Special thanks to Stano and Lialia from the Institute, who really mounted a fantastic show. Both David Jones from Anchor Graphics and Deborah Maris Lader from CPC were thrilled with the results. Below you can see the printmakers themselves enjoying themselves among the artwork and guests at the opening.

Printmakers were everywhere! Carol Lader and exhibiting artist Charlie Van Gilder...
Deborah Lader toasts the exhibition with her father...

I see Dennis, and Anatole, and Elise and April, and.....

Anatole with his family in front of his woodcut.
Deborah in front of her etching. Photo cred: Fetcher Hayes!

So, there is still time to see these shows folks - the Fermilab show is up through September 3rd, and the Ukrainian Institute show is up through September 12th. Cool! See ya'll real soon...

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