Friday, 16 July 2010

CPC Fieldtrip to Fermi

With their bikes strapped to their cars which were loaded to the gills with artwork, Deb and Megan headed off to Fermilab to deliver the upcoming show. This is in Batavia, Il, not to be confused with Bavaria, which is a state in Germany known for its cream pie. Great adventures were had in six flags's a wonder they made it back after being attacked by oversized mosquitoes (hmmmm) and hopped-up bison and momentarily abducted by space aliens, not to mention their near collision with an enormous tank of liquid nitrogen...Fortunately, no one was hurt due to the spandex.
As the girls were pedaling away, minding their own business, an alien spaceship suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and invisible creatures attempted to suck out whatever cells were left in their solvent-addled printmaker brains. At one point, the aliens made Megan wear one of their special helmets so that they could control her mind and take bits of it back to their planet so that they could replicate the way we so ingeniously grain down litho stones.

Come see the awesome show at Fermilab! Please don't let Megan feel like she gave away her brain for nothing! She will feel much better knowing that all of her hauling and sightseeing efforts led to a good turnout at the opening, and Deb will be happy if you come for the artist reception and stay for her band's performance in the big hall just downstairs. Here's the scoop:
Fermilab Art Gallery, Wilson Hall
July 24 - September 7, 2010

Opening Reception July 24, 5-7pm
Batavia, IL, about 45 miles West from Chicago

Featuring the work of 8 CPC members:

Followed by a special performance by Sons Of The Never Wrong in Ramsey Auditorium at 8pm (also in Wilson Hall). Tickets for the performance are $15, the art opening is free!
Come for this amazing night of art and music!!
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