Friday, 14 February 2014

The Apron Project: The CPC's newest collaborative, interactive event to celebrate 25 on!

Hello Everyone!

This year the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative is approaching its 25th year as a community resource for all things inky, and we're marking this milestone with an interactive endeavor called "The Apron Project." We've designed this project to celebrate the artist-printmakers, students, faculty, friends and other inkslingers who have passed through our doors or who're currently running prints through our presses. 

The way it works: Snap a picture of yourself wearing your CPC apron doing something crafty, crazy, random, serious, or for its intended purpose - making prints! We've included a few pictures for you as an example... The idea is that we collect a boatload of photos from all over the world of folks sporting CPC aprons as if it's their favorite accessory. Further accessorizing is encouraged (think tools, hats, cool environments, shooting skeet, etc).

What we'll do with your sweet pics: We've created a special blog specifically for this project - - where we'll post what you've sent us, along with a caption (you can send us something you've written, or we can write one for you). Our plan is to eventually make a cool poster featuring everyone who's participated! We've even made a special email where you can send us all of your Apron Project info: 

If you participate, this is what we'll need from you:
-Your CPC apron photo(s)
-Your name
-Your location (i.e. - America, New Zealand, Utah, The Bermuda Triangle, but please keep it real so we know where you're actually located! Because that's part of the fun, knowing where our CPC aprons have traveled...)
-A caption for your photo
-Optional: A few lines about your experience with the CPC (this won't be published on Tumblr, but we may use it in our 25th anniversary book.)

We'll also offer prize drawings for all of the contributors (win a new Apron or tee or print!). 
The Apron Project blog was created to visually acknowledge the PEOPLE who have made this little engine of a printshop in Chicago last this long, and to showcase the vast and colorful array of artists around the world who wear our trademark Chicago Printmakers Collaborative aprons while creating art (or really good barbeque...). 

We're really excited to get this project going, so have fun with it! We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Love always, 
The CPC team 

P.S. - If you'd like to participate, but don't have an apron, borrow one! Or we're reprinting a bunch in anticipation of an onslaught of orders. They're only $20 if you buy them at the CPC, and $25 (including shipping, both nationally and internationally) if you buy them online (an easy PayPal button is included below!). Just email us with your orders (, and we'll fill your orders with a mailed check, credit card # (over the phone), or we'll send an invoice via PayPal for online orders!

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