Friday, 7 June 2013

New Intern: Kate Lilly

New at the CPC

Hi! I'm Kate Lilly and the newest intern here. I just recently graduated from the University of Missouri--Saint Louis where I majored in studio art with an emphasis in printmaking. If you come in you may see me working on lithography or etching, my processes of choice. I'm excited to be in Chicago and here at the collaborative for all the great classes, print sales, and events happening this summer.

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  1. Hey Kate, Its Brian! (we stayed with that guy till the paramedics showed up)

    I told you I would come check out the open house lol. I was pretty impressed with the set-up and talent of the artists there. As an intern I expected you to oversell the shop but it seems like a great place to do work. Unfortunately, I didn't see you or any of your pieces. Granted I came late so hopefully you either sold them all off or bailed early. No one was pushing classes or membership at the reception so Ill have to come back later for that. But i did want to remind you of that Camptober trip is this Friday etc. Anyway many thanks, for Putting this place on my radar hope to hear from you. Can send links of your work and class schedules/fees to slickrockut at yahoo. Thanks again. Brian